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At Main Line Home and Auto we are driven to serve your insurance needs, each and every day.  We’ve grown our successful Insurance Agency from the ground up, and accumulated years of experience to bring our clients complete peace of mind.

As a full-service Insurance Agency built on the foundation of customer loyalty and trust, our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients to provide them with the support and guidance they need, no matter what life throws at them. Contact us to find out more about the high quality products and packages we offer.

1-1110 W Valley Rd1
4-1110 W Valley Rd25
6-1110 W Valley Rd46
8-1110 W Valley Rd62
7-1110 W Valley Rd53
5-1110 W Valley Rd42
9-1110 W Valley Rd75
3-1110 W Valley Rd23
2-1110 W Valley Rd11
7-246 Aberdeen Ave35
8-246 Aberdeen Ave38
5-246 Aberdeen Ave32
6-246 Aberdeen Ave33
1-246 Aberdeen Ave18
4-246 Aberdeen Ave27
2-246 Aberdeen Ave20
3-246 Aberdeen Ave22
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