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Main Line Home and Auto Help Center

How time consuming is it to get a quote and a new policy?

If you have 5 minutes for a quick phone call or to fill out some info on our online app, we do all of the work from there! We provide same day quotes, and can get a policy wrapped up in no time once you give the go-ahead. We handle 99% of the work, and can also assist with cancelling your current coverage to switch over.

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I've been with my current company for 10 years. Isn't it easiest to stick with them?

No! Chances are, if you have been with the same company for more than 3 years, you are paying too much. The best part of working with us is that if you experience a rate increase with one of our carriers, we can move you to one of our other companies. This way you get the same agency to work with and handle all of your questions, but can keep your rates down for years to come.

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I am buying a new house- how can Main Line Home and Auto help get me to a smooth closing?

Our expertise is in the real estate realm. We work daily with Realtors, Mortgage loan officers, and Title Insurance agents to make sure your home insurance is in place well ahead of time so that nothing will delay your closing. We also can help with flood insurance, DTI issues that may arise, and anything else needed to get the coverage in place for a timely closing.

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Where does the dwelling coverage amount come from?

The dwelling coverage on your home policy is determined by each insurance carrier using what is known as a replacement cost estimator. This takes into consideration the makeup of the house, such as square footage, materials, beds/baths, etc. This number may not always match the price you purchase the home for, but it is what the insurance companies determine to be the cost it would be to rebuild the home from scratch if there would be a total loss.

Are there any fees or costs to work with us?

None! We are happy to provide a quote on all of your insurance needs absolutely free of charge. We are confident that we will be able to find great coverage and great savings, and our compensation comes directly through the carriers we represent. 

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What separates Main Line Home and Auto from my current carrier?

As an independent agency, we are not bound to one insurance carrier like a typical agent is. One quick phone call or filling out our online app will enable us to shop 15 of the best insurance companies in the country, getting you the best possible value with ease and peace of mind knowing that your pricing is competitive.

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Should I carry State Minimum limits on my auto insurance.

Most of the time, state minimum limits will not adequately cover you if there is an accident. Especially if you are a homeowner or have any valuable assets to protect, higher limits offer much better coverage, and typically do not impact your monthly premium too drastically

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